If you woke up to a low, but steady humming this morning, you were probably hearing Taylor Swift biting into a power line; she was forced to recharge after last night's tea spill via her clandestine enemy, Kim Kardashian.

While most of the internet sat screaming in their beds watching TayTay's savage and swift (lol sorry) reckoning, all over Snapchat, some fellow celebrities--possibly contracted members of of the Swift squad, and team Kardashian--took the time to wedge themselves into that press burrito.

Their replies range from hilarious to self-righteous to "Huh?"

Let's break it down:

Selena Gomez

Taylor's official right-hand, Gomez quickly subtweeted the situation with this eye-roll of thing:

Almost immediately, Twitter posed the "The Hell were you when actual important things were going down?" including Black Lives Matter supporters, and members of the LGBT community.

Gomez even responded (then deleted) to one said inquiry:


She continued with this nearly indecipherable ...


She ended with this lame-ass lament of #theindustry...

Smh, indeed, Selena.

Chloë Grace Moretz

The teen--not involved in any way with the situation--decided to insert herself, taking the opportunity to dish out some #industry chastising of her own, and firing off some finger-waving at her 2016-sanctioned enemy, Kim.

Petulant and unimportant!

Like Gomez, CGM was promptly schooled by the internet for also staying mum on non-petulant, and non-unimportant matters...


Another famous "Chloe" with an unnecessary accent, Ms. Khloé Kardashian, chimed in on Moretz in defense of her big sister; frustratingly, she took the low-low road:

Klo! You're better and smarter than this!

Moretz clapped back:

Which brings us to our next "????"

Ruby Rose

Newly sworn in member of Swift Squad, The model/singer/Orange is the New Black star, seemingly triggered by Khlo's unfortunate tweet, decided to increase her Google SEO...

Rose, getting her mentions flooded by haters on both sides, did the good old "Celebrity long post via iPhone notes" tactic, explaining why she dipped her toe in this hot mess situation:

Another "huh???" member of the Swift squad decided to tweet her own "bigger issues" critic...

Martha Hunt


For the record, Kim has made use of her platform to "take interest" in real, non-petulant issues...

Many times.

Many. Times.

Header photo via BFA

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