Whether velour, terry cloth or sweat pant material, tracksuits usually bring to mind one of three things: elderly joggers, mafia bosses or Paris Hilton c. 2004. But, now that the aughts are over and it's 2013, most of us think we're safely past the Great Tracksuit Golden Age. But 'most of us' doesn't include J. Lo or Diddy (or, obviously, Paris Hilton -- but that's a given). Both celebs were recently photographed in those monochromatic bastions of pre-Great Reccession easy living...but then again it's easy to forget we're not still living in 2004 when the only economic cut-back you made was downsizing from magnums of champagne to just regular ole' bottles.

J. Lo + Diddy 4-eva.

Celebrities in Pink Tracksuits: A Photographic History

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