Celebrities Frolic in New Earth Day PSA

By Emma Orlow

Holla at our gal, Mother Earth today! Although you've been a little wacky with your weather lately, we appreciate all that you've done for us (and forgive you for making us wear fleece tights in April). And, in honor of Earth Day, we're sharing this very sweet PSA video by one of our favorite filmmakers, Sarah Sophie Flicker. You might remember Flicker's other recent rad projects like a Get Out the Vote PSA set to Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" and anti-fracking ad, "Don't Frack My Mother."  Per usual, Flicker, in collaboration with The Rainforest Alliance, gathered a cool crew to help spread an Earth Day message, having friends like Alexa Chung, Sean Lennon and Jemima Kirke lip sync to The Kinks' "Village Green Preservation Society." Standouts from the clip include, daisy-chain making parties, dancing with garden-grown vegetables, backyard yoga, a dancing frog (we think?!) and lots and lots of frolicking.

Partial list of participants (in case you were too busy dancing to notice them all):

Adarsha Benjamin
Alex Ebert / Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Alexa Chung
Ami Sioux
Chris Johansson
Diane Birch
Diva Dompe from BlackBlack
Erika Forster from Au Revoir Simone
Erika Spring
Gala Knorr
Guy Blakeslee from The Entrance Band
Homer Steinweiss
J E F F E R T I T T I 's N I L E
Jemima Kirke
Jesse Peretz
Karen Elson
Kinga Burza
Lita Albuquerque
Liz Goldwyn
Maximilla Lukacs
Meg Olsen
Melissa Coker
Mercedes Helnwein
Nora Zehetner
Patrick Sansone from Wilco
Rachel Kolar from He's My Brother She's My Sister
Raviv Ullman
Sarah Sophie Flicker
Sean Lennon
Tennessee Thomas

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