Sultry-voiced, ageless English songstress Sade turns 57 today!

We've gathered up some of the most wonderful, distinctive videos from this singular talent. On this special day, take a moment to celebrate the mysterious, artsy singer who paved the way for otherworldly performers like FKA Twigs (also born on this day!) and remains unmatched in delivering pure, sensual musical pleasure.

"Killer Blow"

Her only onscreen appearance, Sade appears as a lounge singer in the 1986 film Absolute Beginners, starring the late, great David Bowie. Set in 1950s London, the film includes this slinky number, complete with some very interesting, intimate choreography.

"Smooth Operator"

This melancholy number about a jet-setting player is like "You're So Vain" with way more chill. Next time you're telling a friend about a dude cheating on you, you'll definitely want to use the line, "He moves in space with minimum waste and maximum joy." Best of all, the video is basically an '80s British crime movie in miniature.

"No Ordinary Love"

Magical mermaid Sade sings about lavishing love on someone who takes her for granted, even though it is impossible to imagine anyone neglecting a woman who is the human embodiment of the concept of perfection.

"The Sweetest Taboo"

In this upbeat song, Sade dreams about a desert romance (complete with horses!) that brings out the best in her. The video is magical, and features a great light wash jeans-jacket-no shirt look that only she could pull off.
"By Your Side"

With some of the warmest, gentlest vocals of her career and a whimsical, fairy tale-inspired video, "By Your Side" is a tender declaration of love and dedication.

Happy birthday, Sade. Here's to many more years with you by our side.

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