Beyoncé, the resplendent golden axis around which all popular culture revolves, turns 35 today. This Virgo queen has produced so much culture in her young life and created so much era-defining music, that sadly some of her formidable acting work has become a footnote. I am speaking of course, of Carmen: A Hip Hopera, of Goldmember, of The Pink Panther, and her final acting role in 2009's Fatal Attraction-esque psychological thriller, Obsessed. In this role, Beyoncé plays a woman who's husband becomes the object of his office temp's sexual obsession, which results in an epic throwdown and a death-by-falling-chandelier. Bey proves in this role that, in addition to singing and dancing, she can deftly dodge a floor lamp jab to the face.

Let us honor Queen B's 35th year of decimating the Beckies in her life by watching her take care of business in the fight scene from Obsessed.

Long live the queen!

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