Cats on Album Covers: The Purrfect New Trend?

Elizabeth Thompson
It looks like the cat trend that infiltrated the fashion world this year has crossed over into music, too. Klaxons' brand-new album Surfing the Void (above, left) features an astronaut cat on its cover; the art for Best Coast's self-titled album includes Bethany Cosentino's cat, Snacks, in a vintage postcard scene and the cover of  Wavves' King of the Beach also features Snacks the cat as a cool bro who's tripping the light fantastic and dreaming of Cool Ranch Doritos. Are we on to something here? Purrbably not, but we'd also have no problem with this turning into something. Sufjan Stevens, it's no too late to tweak your new cover.

Update! We Are Scientists were so on top of this four years ago. Thanks for the tip, Ghost Mall

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