Sure, Cathy perpetuated the myth that women are all self-hating, neurotic food addicts who only think about chocolate, bathing suit-shopping and getting married. But the comic strip -- which, if you grew up in the '80s, is burned into your subconscious since most of the waiting rooms, kitchens and class rooms you experienced as a child likely had Cathy merch in them -- also spoke to bigger themes about the general shittiness of everything. And that's funny. Another funny person whose work is devoted to "the four basic guilt groups of life" (i.e. food, love, family and work for those unfamiliar with the doctrine of Cathy)? Louis CK. Artist Eric Simmons highlights their delightful similarities in his Tumblr, "Cathy CK", which combines Cathy comics with lines from CK's standup. The result is alarmingly organic. Check out some highlights below

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