Catherine Baba's Baubles

Mickey Boardman

"Accessories are the epitome of enhancing everything!" declares stylist and fashion icon Catherine Baba. Known for her divinely decadent style, Baba has launched a jewelry line with Maison Gripoix and it's no surprise that the pieces are as fantastical as the woman herself. There's a headdress inspired by an Aubrey Beardsley illustration of Sarah Bernhardt from the play Salomé. And the brooches, rings, cuffs and sautoirs evoke the splendor of silent films starring the screen goddess Nazimova or romantic trips on the Orient Express. Baba, who was nominated for a Cesar Award this year for costume design, waxes poetically on her inspirations: "The ocean of neo-romantic pseudo-punk poets, artists and expressionists inhaling prose, verse and swaying sonnets." 

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