This Fashion Week marks the return of one of the most respected journalists in fashion, Cathy Horyn. It's been just over a year since Horyn retired as the New York Times chief fashion critic and she's back as critic-at-large for The Cut, where she'll be covering New York and Paris Fashion Weeks and sharing her always razor-sharp commentary on fashion and the culture at large. We caught up with Cathy between shows:

Did you miss fashion?

I miss the action.

What kind of action?
Talking to you. I love coming into a show. Especially a big show or a brand new designer that everyone wants to see. I love the buzz.

Did you follow fashion while you were away?

I would follow all the big news makers. Miuccia, Marc, Dior, Nicolas.

You're doing New York and Paris?
I'm kind of psyched that it's just New York and Paris. I love being in Paris and there's always a lot to write about there. I'll probably comment on Miuccia's show online. You can do that with her show -- make a couple of phone calls to Milan and comment on it.

Is fashion different since you left?
Being away two seasons the world changes quite a bit.  I think there's a constant erosion of people's attention spans -- you see it being chipped away little by little. People are absorbing a lot but they're not retaining as much and the memory bank gets full. I remember [Vanity Fair fashion director] Michael Roberts saying years ago at a show, "who are all these people?  And that happens at a faster rate now. 

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