By Special Correspondent SNOWBIRD
Fidel Castro is still alive--and kicking. He has been on a roll recently and is starting to get a little, well, wacky. He called Bush a "fool" for not allowing Cuban players to enter next year's World Baseball Classic and said his brother Jeb was "fat."  He supposedly asked an aide to the President of Brazil, "Are you becoming a pubic hair?" This week, in response to Condoleezza Rice's meeting with a US government commission preparing for a democratic transition in Cuba, he called Rice a "mad woman" and said that the commission was "a group of shiteaters who do not deserve the world's respect." At the beginning of the year he is going to meet with newly elected President of Bolivia, Alvro Garcia Linera, who campaigned on promises to end the eradication of coca plantations and we can only guess what these two are about to cook up. 


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