Cast Recording Craziness

I got an email this morning about a few cast recordings that have either just been released or will be in the coming weeks. One of which was High Fidelity, the disasterous musical based on Nick Hornby’s novel and the John Cusack movie which opened on Dec. 7th of last year and closed 10 days later after an onslaught of horrible reviews. What makes the producers think an audience that never existed in the first place will somehow come out of the woodwork to swarm the Virgin Megastore on May 15th when the CD is released?

I own a recording of the 1959 beatnik musical, The Nervous Set, which only ran for 23 performances on Broadway in 1959 due in part to hasty preparation and an over three-hour length. I’m glad they still released an album for this show despite its short run, since otherwise I never would have heard it, and parts of it aren’t half bad. But unlike High Fidelity, this show got mixed reviews (some reviewers thinking it was brilliant), and also had a successful start in St. Louis before flopping on the grander stage. So my point is, I don’t think I will be searching for the High Fidelity album in 50 years at the library… and hopefully for the sake of Broadway nobody will. It’s IBDB (Internet Broadway Database) page is plenty remembrance for me.

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