Last night, Vice President-elect, LGBT conversion therapy enthusiast and anti-abortion crusader Mike Pence attended little known musical Hamilton in New York, and the reaction was (surprise) mixed:

The white haired hate-monger seemed an interesting choice for such a play, and Twitter took notice:

After the play ended, the cast--led by Brandon V. Dixon--graciously addressed the Vice President-elect, who, at this point, had left the theater. The statement asked Pence to reevaluate his and his superior's beliefs, as well the increasingly frightening people they're amassing for their cabinet; that they may come to accept differences of every gender, gender identity, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

This morning, President-elect Donald Trump had a few things to say on the matter:

Oh, and:

Safe space, huh, Donald?

This is downright tyrannical in its implications. Casts of plays, the arts, being asked to apologize by our nation's President for expressing dissenting (and classily conveyed) opinion and pleas for tolerance; not to mention hijacking the term "safe space."

This is what Broadway should be, apparently, to President Trump.

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