PAPER contributor, longtime friend and editor Matthew Schneier and I spend quite a lot of time (when we are not toiling away furiously at our respective, rewarding and all-consuming jobs) g-chatting each other. Today, as per usual, we were going on about this 'n' that 'n' the other, nothing too heavy, when the topic of mutton, the specialty at Keen's Steakhouse, a restaurant around the corner from PAPER's offices, came up. Here is an excerpt from our chat:

Matthew: here are two salient points:
1 - I think it is pretty spensy
2 - their specialty is mutton - i.e., old lamb
are you a mutton for punishment?
oh my god
I think I just
wrote a New Yorker cartoon
a sheep
in S&M bondage gear
"I am a real mutton for punishment."
that is HIlarious
me:  hahahaha
that is really funny

I thought that would be that. But, dear reader, that was definitely not that. Several hours later, Matthew g-chatted me again. Here is what he said:

Matthew:  I am sending you an email
get ready
it is going to rock you
me:  oh my goodness ok

The above image is what I saw. Matthew went and made that very cartoon!!

(Is it weird that this cartoon has made me even more hungry for mutton? I might be a mutton for... mutton!)

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