UPDATE: Carrie Fisher refutes the claim that she was not a fan of Harrison Ford's bedroom moves, in a new statement to PEOPLE.

Any reports claiming I said Harrison was bad in bed are utterly false. Perhaps people should read the book before they write their stories.

Ms. Fisher added, ""I was so inexperienced but I trusted something about him. He was kind." She gloriously concluded with, "I would never talk about how someone was in any furniture — chair, bed, coffee table or otherwise."

General Leia.


Finally, some good news in this past of week of deafening horror, international diamond Carrie Fisher has supplied us with a ditty of (new) hope. Details from her new book, The Princess Diarist, reveal what we already kind of knew: she and Harrison Ford had an affair while filming the first Star Wars in London, when he was 34 (and married with two children), and she was only 19.

The iconic actress/writer asserts that Ford drove her home one night when she was "wine sodden" (CARRIE FISHER, EVERYONE) and the two, naturally, went to bonetown. Fisher also notes that her inexperience made it a little uncomfortable, and that the initial sexssion wasn't anything to write home about (until now), but that she forgave Mr. Ford because he was "handsome."

She also mentions that Ford told her she was a "bad kisser." Ugh, Harrison, don't ruin this for us.

Their relationship lasted for 3 months of filming, and Fisher hoped Ford would marry her, and includes a fantasy about a "gold band with diamonds inscribed 'Carrison.'" Clearly, things did not turn out that way, but thankfully it made for overwhelming onscreen sexual tension for the next two films.

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