We've (thankfully) emerged from the era of less is more, which means its time to beat your face to the gods and beyond. Join me in waving goodbye to a subtle lip, bid the conservative eye adieu and make way for your new makeup inspiration: Cardi B.

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The stripper-turned-reality-sensation-turned-hip-hop-heavyweight has used her face (with help of long-time makeup artist Erika La' Pearl) throughout her career to showcase some of the truly most enviable looks of the generation. Be it electric blue eye or ombre lip, there is yet to be a trend or color that the rapper shies away from, nor does she turn her nose up at drug store brands — providing plenty of fodder for inspiration that is actually attainable to recreate.

La' Pearl has previously explained that the pair have evolved from their three years together from sharply cut creases and bold lips to smokey eyes and neutral tones, but that still leaves room for big makeup moments that cause a stir (hi, Met Gala!). Oh, and just in case you think following in Cardi's footsteps will take you hours, don't fret — La' Pearl once did the new mom's full face on a car ride in 20 minutes, but when Cardi doesn't sit still it's a different story. "She's always getting up to get something to eat, always doing business calls. It takes a good hour and 30 minutes, sometimes two," La' Pearl told Refinery 29. All worth it for a beat to die for.

See Cardi's best looks below, and be prepared to take notes.

"I Like It" Cardi

Where to begin! This is the first time we've seen Cardi with a lighter lash and thinner cat eye, which really gives this ombre eyeshadow time to shine. If you really want to experiment, try blending the colors Cardi has used: grass green, dusty pin and yellow. Balance your statement eye with a 90s-esque burgundy lip, and you have a face that will turn heads.

Photo via Getty / Ruvan Afanador for Rolling Stone

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