School's out in the New York, and last night's gallery openings, many of which were the customary summer group shows, seemed like a Can't Hardly Wait-style graduation party for the art world. Artists, gallerists and art groupies alike gathered to say their goodbyes before running off to the Hamptons, or Europe, or whatever art camp it is that takes New Yorkers away and leaves the city an empty sweat box in the summer.

Raymond Pettibon at Gladstone Gallery

The popular kids convened at the event of the evening, a group show that spanned between both Gladstone gallery locations, bringing together a multi-generational group of artists to paint directly onto the gallery walls. Sol LeWitt, Kara Walker, Raymond Pettibon, Lawrence Weiner, Jeff Elrod -- the roster was as impressive as the turn out, most of us lurking around the large scale works trying to fit in, hoping no one noticed we felt like crashers.

Kara Walker at Gladstone Gallery

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