Candyland: An Evening At Art Production's Fund's Good and Plenty Benefit

Bettina Prentice

The ladies of the Art Production Fund can certainly draw a crowd! Over 500 art world insiders turned up Monday night for the nonprofit's annual benefit party honoring Estee Lauder's John Demsey and curator Clarissa Dalrymple at the elegant, if decrepit,  Park Avenue Armory. In the crowd were art luminaries including Terence Koh, Jeff Koons, Tom Sachs, Rachel Feinstein, John Currin, Donald Baechler, Marilyn Minter and Cecily Brown -- many of whom showed off temporary tattoos by artist Nate Lowman of bullet holes, balloons and even a smiley face performing fellatio. All three hostesses wore sultry mermaid tailed evening dresses by Dolce &
Gabbana with founders Yvonne Force Villareal and Doreen Remen in flesh tones and director Casey Fremont in daring leopard print. Guests like Waris Ahuwalia, Hope Atherton, Arden Wohl, Peter Davis and Thelma Golden stood transfixed by a stunning Eloise Fornieles perched atop a ladder and wearing nothing but body paint and antlers. With immaculate posture the performance artist quietly wrote down observations about people in the crowd and then scattered her notes along the floor at guests' feet.

The delicious dinner was a menu collaboration between artist Will Cotton and chef David Burke with table settings by Jeff Koons and napkins by superstar Dan Colen. Teen Vogue honcho Amy Astley and Barney's newly minted women's fashion director Amanda Brooks scooped up napkins left behind by other less informed party goers. "This is a reason to have a dinner party!" laughed Brooks who had accumulated fourteen napkins at last count. As dinner wound down guests like Amy Sacco and Steven Klein noshed on cotton candy and cupcakes. What did the glitterati think of the evening? "Fabulous. Just fabulous!" sang Warhol muse Jane Holzer.

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