Berlin rapper and fashion darling Candy Ken thrives in front of the camera, that's for certain, but the German club kid (nee Jakob Kasmir) who has caught the eye of designers like Jeremy Scott and Nicola Formichetti, wanted to turn the lens on his fans for his newest project. His new video for his self-empowerment anthem "Sorry Not Sorry" was compiled entirely from a call-to-action Ken put out to his fans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to submit their best "not sorry" selfies. Well, his fans delivered and Ken was sent thousands of submissions, many of which are featured in the new video, which we're debuting here on PAPER.

We asked Ken what inspired "Sorry Not Sorry" and he had this to say:

I'm standing up for tolerance and love, for diversity in one another. I want to inspire you to want more and to be better. To stop your self-judgmental bullshit and to start being yourself. I want to push you to follow your heart and to stop justifying your lame habits and stupid rules built by our society. I want you to stop yourself from being weak and negative, and to stop feeling sorry for being you!

I received over 2,000 images with the most emotional and touching stories! So many young people suffer daily from the most superficial things -- braces, scars, body issues. This movement is not about who has the worst sickness or the hardest life, it's about accepting who you are and not feeling bad! This doesn't mean that you can't change anything or work on yourself, but feeling sorry for yourself or apologizing for yourself all of the time will get you nowhere. Let me show you that there is more, that you can do more, that you can be more!

Watch above.

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