The award for the most hilarious obituary I have read in years goes to Douglas Martin who wrote about the death of a stripper named Candy Barr in yesterday's New York Times. You mark my words, after this hysterical obit, there is probably a bidding war on the rights to this persons lifestory. You will SCREAM when you read this one:

 Candy Barr, 70, Stripper and Star of 1950's Stag Film, Dies
Published: January 4, 2006

Candy Barr, an exotic dancer whose hardscrabble life became Texas legend as she befriended Jack Ruby (who killed President John F. Kennedy's assassin), dated a mobster, shot her husband went to prison for drug possession, and starred - unwillingly, she insisted - in a famous stag film, died on Friday in Victoria, Tex. She was 70

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