Spanish footwear brand, Camper, is known for their playful and vibrant design as they are for their comfortable shoes.

Camper's latest campaign has reimagined their new fall/winter collection as personified avatars for the high-fashion fighting game of your fever dreams. Equal parts The Matrix, The Fifth Element, Mortal Kombat, and SSX Tricky, Camper's visual campaign fleshes out a fantasy world with individual backstories for each character pitted in an eternal fight of good versus evil. Names like "Nucleo Pix," "Terra Thelma," "Magma Helix," and "Sky Brutus" already paint a vivid enough picture on their own, add in gas masks, glowing eyes, and hairstyles pulled from a Mario Tricocci acid-trip and you are already scrambling to pickup the Xbox controller.

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Camper's outside-the-box approach goes above and beyond the typical footwear campaign. Immersing the customer in a world that transcends the confines of its shoe-based inspiration, we are left with a lasting impression of a clear creative voice that will outlast the current fashion season.

Take a look through the avatars bellow and head over to Camper's website to dive deeper into each character's stats and backstory:

Photo Courtesy of Camper