If there's ever a time for a style reinvention, Heron Preston is making the case for a refresh right now thanks to an entirely new basics wardrobe with Calvin Klein — a project that has been a year in the making.

Preston's storytelling brings the American brand's staples to the forefront, from the clean white palette to everyday sweatshirts, hoodies, denim and undergarments. His obsession with impeccably-cut silhouettes and trademark details in revisiting the from-the-vault CK styles has brought something new to table: gussets under t-shirts, 3D-ish raised ribbing and stitching, along with some familiar interior and exterior tropes of branding across the collection.

There's also his signature shade of orange, meticulously patched on tags and a selection of bras, underwear and handbags. But it's the slew of classic baseline t-shirts synonymous with Calvin Klein that really make you feel like home. "When you come from streetwear and skateboarding, with my background, the t-shirt is something you start designing first and is what you've got to do best," Preston said. "It's like social currency for us."

Connecting the dots between utilitarian workwear, function and minimalism, Heron Preston for Calvin Klein seems like the collection that will soon be on everyone's visual vocabulary. See the full lookbook, below and head over to CalvinKlein.com to shop the collection when it lands on April 23.

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Top photo by Renell Medrano

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