Calvin Harris, EDM overlord, continues in his social media petty crusade against his former love, (Nils Sjöberg, come through!), now adding an overtly anti-Tay Snapchat.

Calvin can be seen white boy lip-sync-rapping to Kanye and Schoolboy Q's recent track "That Part," focusing on Ye's shamelessly whack lyric "Wifey gonna kill me/she the female O.J."

Giving us ALL the very, very obvious sentiment that he is on team Kimye, with the added implication that Taylor is a psycho.

All right, bro.

All of this is done while Calvin waves a frying pan around.


Calvin and Kim partied together in Vegas over the weekend while celebrating J.Lo's 12th birthday, juuuuust to drive it home.

Mr. Harris, you're flirting with becoming that which you hate--time to take the high road, and Tay'll take the low road, and you'll be in Scotland before...Ye. (and Kim)

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