When he's not being petty in the Insta-comments, or conducting a reckoning of publicized unfollows, Calvin Harris is utilizing his big, Scottish peen to exorcise his love of recent ex, Taylor Swift.

By using, I mean, putting it on display.

The DJ/producer held some sort of bro-down day with a few of his best male pals, and apparently (and thankfully), they decided to get down to their skivvies, and post about it on Instagram.

Are we supposed to just be, like, "Oh! Sure" Calvin?

No, no, you knew what you were doing when you OK'd this post.

We were already familiar with said Calvin Harris donning said speedo...

...but not like this...this astonishing fire hose...this cylinder of wonder, of fear.

"Yes, take it all in," He called to us, and to Taylor, off holding hands with her newest souvenir from the United Kingdom.

Happy Gay Pride, indeed.

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