Michael Haneke's puzzling psychological thriller, laden with disquieting political ramifications, stars Daniel Auteuil as Georges, a smug and literary French TV host who finds a mysterious videotape left on the doorstep of his home. The video shows Georges's house, where he lives with his wife, Anne (Juliette Binoche), and their preteen son under some kind of secret surveillance. When subsequent tapes arrive -- along with violent, childlike drawings -- the family becomes understandably unhinged. Eventually, the TV host comes to suspect that it all has something to do with an Algerian boy he and his family knew when George was a child. Haneke really knows how to fuck with an audience. I remember taking a friend to see the director's Funny Games; my friend punched me afterward. Haneke's movies can be that unsettling. This beautifully crafted and willfully perverse postmodern Rear Window chillingly illustrates a campaign of terror that will pull the rug out from under you.

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