Buzz Bands Got a Problem

Seems like internet buzz isn't such a good thing afterall, even if it has helped make English bands like the Arctic Monkeys the flavor of the month. As Reuters reports sometimes the hype outpaces the band, which can't keep up with it all.

"It's the latest rock 'n' roll cliche: U.K. buzz band rides wave of Internet hype to claim Next Big Thing status.

"But the rise of blog mania is creating fears of too much buzz too soon for a growing number of U.K. acts looking to establish lasting fan bases in the United States. Savvy bands and their labels, in an attempt to avoid being swept up in an inadvertent media frenzy, are now taking steps to try to manage their hype more carefully.

"Add Birmingham, England-based Editors -- a blogosphere-adored rock quartet that draws on influences from the likes of Joy Division and U2 -- to the list of bands trying to keep its hype under control. That list also includes the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, the Streets and Bloc Party."


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