Buy This: Symmetry Scarves

Peter Davis

Los Angeles-based couple Ted Byrnes (who is a musician and worked in the fashion industry for a flash) and wife Gena Tuso (who is a stylist) always wanted to work together and now they have launched Symmetry a line of scarves that feature unusual and unexpected closures so you not only don't have to worry about your scarf blowing away in the wind, but you are basically sporting a scarf and a cool leather accessory at the same time: a double style whammy! Symmetry comes at a perfect time for me as I am trying to retire my bow ties and using scarves as a way to fancy up evening looks. Every piece is hand made in LA and the hardware pieces to close the scarf use everything from grommets to buckles to hooks. "We liked the added aesthetic value of how the hardware looked with the scarf, making each one individual depending on the wearer," Byrnes tells me." And how did they come up with the name? "With the focus being on scarves. it is so named because of the function of the pieces," Byrnes explains, adding "And we also happened to be listening to Morton Feldman's "Crippled Symmetry" when we were trying to find names for the collection."

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