Buy This: Grow-At-Home Gourmet Mushroom Kit

If you're thinking about making a scrumptious mushroom gravy to smother on your turkey for Thanksgiving (which is less than two weeks away!), why not use gourmet pearl oysters grown in your very own home from this convenient mushroom kit? The Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit is the creation of Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, two UC Berkeley grads who hatched the idea while in their senior year in 2009. These two fun guys used coffee grounds discarded by Bay Area coffee chain Peet's Coffee and Tea as soil and experimented in Velez's fraternity kitchen. Their little project scored funding and grants from Chez Panisse, Whole Foods and UC Berkeley, which led to the creation of their new company, Back to the Roots

The kits yield 1.5 pounds of pearl oyster mushrooms, and retail for $19.95. The first crop will take 10 days to grow (just in time for Turkey day!), and all you have to do is mist the kit twice a day and place it on the windowsill. The kits can be purchased at Whole Foods or from the Back to the Roots website

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