Buy This: Bono's "Fly" Sunglasses

Remember back in 1991 when you'd put on your mom's giant sunglasses and do Bono's noodle-arm dance from U2's "Mysterious Ways" video in front of the bathroom mirror? No? That was just us? Well, now you can own an official pair of Bono's famous "Fly" sunglasses that he wore during his band's Achtung Baby period.

Here's the catch: the shades are sold as a part of U2's massive "Uber Deluxe" Achtung Baby box set that's going to set you back $439.99. The release is celebrating the landmark album's 20th anniversary. Also included in the box are 10 discs (six CDs and four DVDs), including the original Achtung Baby album and the follow-up Zooropa, five 7-inch singles on vinyl, four badges, a sticker sheet, 16 prints of the artwork from the album and an 84-page hardcover book. You can buy the massive box set here and watch the "Mysterious Ways" video below. 

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