Jay-Z and Beyoncé took direct aim at the tabloids and proved that Meghan Markle fandom is cool during the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, posing in front of a fake royal portrait while accepting their Best International Group award and later praising the Duchess of Sussex on Instagram. Now you too can stick it to the Daily Mail and pledge fealty to Markle: prints of the painting, created by illustrator Tim O'Brien, are on sale for just $75 each.

O'Brien's imagining of Markle, available for purchase via his official BigCartel, would look excellent in any — perhaps every — room of the house. Markle, who is tragically far down the Windsor line of succession, is resplendent in a very regal crown and ornate set of pearls.

In real life Markle just attended a baby shower hosted by Serena Williams and Amal Clooney; she looked just as regal. We hope that when the time comes she pays tribute to The Carters by posing with her newborn against a floral backdrop.

If you favor musical monarchs over British ones, a depiction of Beyoncé as Queen Elizabeth I is also available from O'Brien's store. Kate Middleton fans are sadly out of luck.

Photo via Instagram

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