Bush Tetras Span Time at the Echo

Hobey Echlin
Led by singer/provacateur Cynthia Sley and guitarist Pat Place, Bush Tetras rose to prominence in early-'80s New York alongside Liquid Liquid and other punk-funk outfits. Deprived of late original bassist Laura Kennedy, the group returned to the West Coast for the first time since 1981 last night. (Even that, Part Time Punks promoter/DJ Michael Stock explained, was only after five years of begging emails.) Ostensibly, the gig was part of a promo ramp-up to celebrate the proper release of their grunge-era Happy! LP, shelved for 15 years by their major label. The band is also riding a sizable ripple of dancefloor popularity following a superb "East Village" remix of their churning "Snakes Crawl" by Irish DJ Phil Kieran, which is now a staple of sets by techno-OG Laurent Garnier and nu-disco nu-jack Filrouge.

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