In case you find yourself in Helsinki, Finland in the near future, and you're suddenly struck with the notion, "I would really love a god damn sauna in a fast food restaurant," you're in luck!

A Burger King in Helsinki has added 'upscale,' 15-person sauna in the lower level of its restaurant...

...because why the fuck not.

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There is also a smaller, windowless 10-person sauna, where guests will be treated to BK colors painted on the wall, as well as its slogan "HOME OF THE WHOPPER;" there are also Burger King-stamped towels and large flat-screen TV.

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You can enjoy the regal amenities for the cool (or sweaty lol) price of 250 ($283 in American bucks) for 3 hours.

I haven't been to Burger King in 5 years, but when I do go, I'm already sweating from the #meat; I don't need to sit in a steaming beef prison with randos for 3 hours to prove that to myself.

But, to each their own.

Only in Finland! Am I right?

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