Burberry Brit: Don't Rain on my Parade

Luigi Tadini

The Brits are no strangers to inclement weather and perhaps that explains their expert ability to look sharp even under the occasional monsoon. Unlike the Dapper Dans across the pond, even the slightest rise in the humidity index makes us panic and takes an even greater toll on our style. It's with that sentiment, and a Pollyanna approach to the season's heavy showers, that landmark British fashion house Burberry launches a new capsule collection of weather-appropriate apparel. "April Showers," the spring-inspired line that sits under the company's younger and more affordable label Burberry Brit, is the perfect thing for warmer weather with its assortment of vibrant-colored polo shirts for both gents and ladies, women's quilted classic jackets and men's lightweight double-breasted trench coats. And these aren't your grandfather's trenches, the Britton is sleek and cropped and comes with all the details -- epaulettes, horn buttons and gun flaps -- we have come to expect and love from this iconic brand. This debut will be available at select stores and of course on their website starting tomorrow, come rain or shine.

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