The Musicians Behind 'Bump This' Talk Titties and Tequila

Last week, the PAPER team fell in love with a little song called "Bump This," which we promptly dubbed the "queer 2020 version of The Ying Yang Twins' 'Wait (The Whisper Song).'"

A wild trip of a track that features a cameo from viral star Rachel Sennott (whose "Come on, it's LA" quip is at the beginning of the song), "Bump This" tells the story of a crazy, substance-fueled bender, which may or may not have helped facilitate our own weekend spirals.

But after playing "Bump This" on repeat, we couldn't help but wonder what was up with the club kids responsible for the banger itself. So, naturally, we hit up Michael Medrano, Jake Germain, and Michete, to chat about the making of the song, which apparently was the product of a good old-fashioned hangover.

That said, the back story is just as good. According to Medrano — who produced the track alongside frequent collaborators Shiftee and Zak Leever — "Bump This" was created after a hectic night out in LA that entailed some visiting drag queen friends and "some shit I'd never tried before."

"On the surface, 'Bump This' is a purely fun, tongue-in-cheek going-out anthem, but I think it's important to really cherish our nights out in queer spaces," Medrano adds. "To put it in Michete's words, 'I take partying very seriously.'"

Just in case you needed proof of the trio's commitment to partying though, we got them to share their most memorable after party spirals with us. And yes, there's definitely tequila and titties in the mix.

Check out their stories, below.

Jake Germain

This past summer, Palettes threw an after party in Chicago. I arrive to the venue and we'd already been partying and drinking, but I didn't realize I had lost my voice almost completely. So here I am, 10 minutes before I'm supposed to go on, and I can't fucking sing. I'm pacing around upstairs crying, and I go up to Laura Les (she was performing that night too) asking what I should do. She tries comforting me, and she's like, "Just go out there and kill it." I was still sobbing thinking, "Oh my god, I'm gonna have to lip sync this entire show. What a mess." Well, someone there had the brilliant idea of getting me boiling hot water and told me if I drink it with some honey I'll be good to sing. In the process of trying to drink this water, I spilled the entire cup on my label manager's girlfriend and burned her entire leg. She has a scar to prove it. Oops.

Photos courtesy of Michael Medrano, Jake Germain, and Michete

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