Buenos Aires Fashion Week: Day Three

Stephanie Lim

Stephanie Lim is a New York-based writer and photographer temporarily living in Buenos Aires. PAPERMAG asked her to cover Buenos Aires Fashion Week for us.

The third and final day of Buenos Aires Fashion Week was the busiest one yet. Lovely women's line Drôle had a booth located in prime real estate on the show floor, which was swamped with a steady stream of ladies ogling their sweet winter collection.

Como Quieres Que Tu Quiera
showcased an extensive fall and winter line, ranging from the denim-heavy casual pieces for younger women to heavily constructed ballerina dresses. The CQQTQ line, however, failed to inspire the local fashion bloggers, who were more excited about the Vicki Otero and Cook collections. Both shows were too swamped to get into.

Luckily, the real fashion show was out on the floor. From the country club set to the art house crew, dapperly dressed attendees showed off the city's growing vintage scene.

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