Brother From the Same Mother

Remember in Good Will Hunting when Casey Affleck, sitting in the backseat, begs his big brother Ben to pass him his double burger? This scene is the classic reminder that behind every leading man, there could be a similarly cute (and sometimes even cuter), junior-sized version lurking in the backseat. Lately, we've noticed a new crew of younger brothers who are en route to doing their big bros proud.

Age: 19
Older Brother: Gael Garcia Bernal
Like brother like brother: Although the half-brothers don't share hairstyles (Dario has a curly fro while Gael has a shaggy do), on-screen they're undeniably related, with that same soulful look in their eyes that makes subtitles so worth it.
Claim to fame: Dario makes his debut in the thriller, Daniel y Ana, a true story about siblings kidnapped and forced to have sex with each other.
Bonus: Baby Bernal is in a band -- that, unfortunately, is not called The Baby Bernals.

Age: 24
Older Brother: James Franco
Like brother like brother: They share a sense of humor that's evident in the mock tutorials James gives Dave in their Acting with James Franco shorts for
Claim to fame: Dave currently plays a womanizing med student on Scrubs and a highschool party boy in Noah Baumbach's Greenberg.
Bonus: Dave recently produced and stars with his rumored girlfriend, Glee girl Dianna Agron, in a short film she wrote and directed, A Fuschia Elephant.

Age: 19
Older Brother: Chris Hemsworth
Like brother like brother: So similar are the Hemsworths' blockbuster-ready bods that they were both considered for the lead in the upcoming epic Thor. Chris got it, but next time, Liam. Next time.
Claim to fame: Liam plays Miley Cyrus's summer fling in Nicholas Sparks's The Last Song, in theaters now.
Bonus: Off-screen, Liam's proved to be much more than a summer fling. He and Cyrus have been dating in real life for almost a year.

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