And it's not a parody.

Appropriately dubbed The Bedford Stop, the made-for-YouTube "series" follows four, oblivious (white) women who just moved to luxury condos in Williamsburg to "pursue their dreams." Documenting them doing everything from brunching to getting Tinder headshots to admiring their posters of Lana Del Rey, it's peak SMH up in here. Like cool, I guess watching someone thrift and pay $20 to see an "indie" band out at Brooklyn Bowl is entertaining?

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Sadly, that is the actual state of affairs off, well, the Bedford stop, so I guess it was only a matter of time till the brunchers made their own YouTube show in an attempt to bring The Hills to North 7th & Driggs. And, of course, there's even a new video about "How To Brunch in Williamsburg" aka how to stand on a street corner and Yelp shit with, like, 3 dollar signs. Trés D.I.Y.??

[ h/t Free Williamsburg]

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