Brooke Candy Parties Inside a Strip Club In a Black Hole

Alex Bedder

The no holds barred extrovert Brooke Candy, known in some circles as "the hoodrat Drew Barrymore", has released the video for her latest endeavor, the expectedly raunchy "I Wanna Fuck Right Now". The song, which takes it's form by riffing on Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock's classic "It Takes Two", embodies Candy's usual unapologetic flair, as does the video, which seems to take place in a strip club located in a black hole. Besides applying blush with roses and generally dgaf-ing, she hits every video vixen troupe hard, interacting with the obligatory phallic symbols (whether it be donning snakes or mounting poles), and drizzling Colt 45 into her mouth while clutching the bottle with bedazzled nails. Although this video might not get the same reaction as the first time seeing her walking a child on a leash, the new clip proves the artist has no shortage of metallic bikinis and body suits to show off in the near future.

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