Buckle up, because it looks like Brooke Candy has something sexy planned to ride out the rest of the summer.

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The LA-rapper revealed the cover of her upcoming single "My Sex" which is set to feature rapper Mykki Blanco, activists/punk band Pussy Riot, and singer MNDR out August 17th. With a lineup that stacked, one can only imagine what sort of in-your-face hypersexualized antics Brooke has in store. The glossy 3D-rendered cover design by Pastelae, offers up a glimpse into what might be to come. A hyperreal tatted chest with the track title dripping blood onto long red acrylic nails is definitely a mood. What kind of mood? A Brooke Candy mood, that's for sure.

In the meantime we'll just have to wait out the agonizing 7 days between now the track's release to find out what this dream team has in store.

Photo by Richard Burbridge

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