Amongst a myriad of shitty things, a huge surge in hate crimes (a 57% increase from this time last year, that is) is probably one of the most shocking and sickening occurrences that have gone down in the UK post-Brexit. So in response, allies have begun wearing empty safety pins to show solidarity with immigrants after user @cheeahs tweeted the following.

As a result, the selfie-filled #safetypin tag is now trending on UK Twitter.

Which is...nice. However, many first and second-generation immigrants (and mostly POC) have pointed out that a mere sartorial symbol of allyship sans tangible action is pretty useless -- and is actually indicative of the movement being rooted in a narcissistic need to feel good about oneself. Especially when the founder of the entire thing is a white American living in London who told Indy100 that "I'm always having to remind people I'm an immigrant."

So if you're going to raid your mom's sewing kit, make sure to actually do something when the opportunity arises...

[h/t Indy100]

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