Britney Spears, The Prism

I love pop culture the most when it acts as a prism to view the world. Take Britney Spears, for example. Today she's making news by releasing a statement to explain the photos of her driving with her new born baby on her lap, a huge no-no in parenting circles and a violation of California law. Spears says she was in panic flight from paparazzi and was just going by instinct. I tend to believe her, given what's going on with the mad paparazzi chase for photos that can earn out tens of thousands (if not millions) of dollars. Spears has reason to feel threatened. A paparazzo who was charged with battery and child endangerment after attempting to get a photos of Witherspoon and her children at a Disney theme park, has been found dead. Story here. Published reports say that pictures of Brad and Angelina's baby pics will go for more that $4 million.

Then there's the matter of the child's father Kevin Federline, a dancer and aspiring singer who in his mid 20s has already sired three kids, including two with his ex. (One was born while he had taken up with Spears.)
As if this isn't grist enough for a marathon session on Oprah, Spears is also in the center of another cultural storm. Spears forthcoming appearance in sitcom Will and Grace as a conservative Christian talkshow side-kick is now in jeopardy because of protests by Christian groups. NBC has confirmed that Spears will guest star but has backed off stating what her role will be. We hope the network stands firm and doesn't give in to these unreasonable demands. With the protests over the cartoons depicting Allah turning into riots, lovers of liberty and freedom of speech must not be intimidated.

photo via BBC



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