I'm calling it now: Britney Jean Spears gifted us with what will ASSUREDLY be the SECOND greatest Insta-video of 2016/perhaps of all time.

Second to...herself...with this video from January:

The pop icon, who's had a busy few weeks, slaying our faces with her killer Billboard Music Awards medley, bringing back at least 40% of her dancing ability (which, for Britney, is GOOD).

Brit needed a little sun time, and she posted this video this weekend, of her lounging around her Vegas estate's vast pool for Memorial Day.

Paired with Cyndi Lauper's 1983 classic "Time After Time," Britney partially exits the pool while clad in a big floppy sun hat, and diva shades.

Downright iconic.

"Just chillaxing" her caption reads.


Chances Britney made this clip herself? 0%. But who fucking cares!

It's a majestic video, and Britney is god damn living.

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