Britney Spears is truly finally living her best life. Since 2013, Spears has been happily ensconced in Vegas, doing her Piece of Me show, hanging out with presidential hopefuls and maybe planning collaborations with her 2003 VMA smooch partner. If you follow her on social media, you'd concur that she seems to be pretty pleased with the current state of affairs.

And follow her you should. As we've noted before, Brit Brit runs the best personal celebrity Instagram account in the game. Today, she posted three new video clips, captioning the first: "Girls just wanna have fun Never released a video for this song... so decided to do a little tease on Instagram instead… enjoy!!" Then we are graced with a mini-music video for her track "Breathe on Me" from 2003's In the Zone (probably best known for "Toxic"). Brit stands in front of a black background, sporting matching black underwear, a sizable fake stomach tattoo, and a huge mane of hair. She gyrates, she swings her hair, she flirts with the camera. While the sound quality is not great, she looks like she's having a damn good time. Enjoy it Britney Jean (and then give us a full length version of the video).

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