Britney Spear's social media renaissance has reached Nirvana in 2015, with clues that the pop icon is in control of her own accounts.

Aside from the frothy "Live, laugh, love yourself" memes, and the adorable videos of her sons skateboarding, Ms. Spears has certainly reached peak Instagram with a recent post of her doing some seriously on point (lol) ballet twirls in slow motion, set to the soul shattering chorus of Adele's "Hello."

"Ooooo, I like that old time one," Britney must have told an assistant, who offered up the grainy, "silent film" video filter..

"I could dance to this song a MILLION you @Adele!" Britney's caption states.

You know she literally said that, too; it was a direct quote.

"A MILLION TIMES!!! Honestly!!!" Britney yelled, panting as she spun.

I imagine Britney only just heard "Hello" in the past few days..slowly typing in "" into the Google search tab; her eyes widened when the first piano note sounded.

Afterward, she went outside on her back patio, smoking a Marlboro Light, staring out at the sheet of lavender dusk being pulled over the Nevada desert.

"...from the other side..." Britney whisper-sung, smoke creeping out of her mouth.

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