It's the eternal nightlife question: Where's the party at? Now, Absolut has an answer with their new digital platform, Hoppr. Like Tinder for finding out what's going on, Hoppr users can find or create events, and if party throwers and party goers both swipe right, they can meet up and get festive--making new friends, exploring new places, and maybe finding that next mind blowing night.

At last night's "URL to IRL" launch party for the platform at Mr. Purple at 180 Orchard, Absolut and PAPER collaborated to bring all the best things from the Internet into life in the real world. Instagram star and meme aficionado Beige Cardigan hosted, mingling and chatting with guests, while Vashtie kept everyone's head bobbing and the party moving from the DJ booth.

The party was strewn with internet culture allusions, from emoji coasters (including heart-eyes, raised hands, and, of course, the martini) to an Absolut backdrop that, when examined closely, was a mosaic of emoji. At the Absolut-blue photobooth, guests were embracing the theme, turning themselves into Tumblr-ready memes. Even the Absolut drinks winked at our obsession with the web, with cute twists on classics like the "lemon dropbox" or the "mandarin candy crush," which came with a candied orange garnish.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be covering a few Hoppr parties--and interviewing some of the promoters, planners, and party people who make and move New York nightlife.

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