Brian De Palma's Great Thriller, Blow Out, On Criterion DVD & Blu-ray

Out this week on Blu-ray and DVD is Brian De Palma's great thriller, Blow Out. In this 1981 film John Travolta (in one of his best performances) plays a movie sound man out recording ambient wind who accidentally catches a Presidential candidate's car accident. But on playing the tape back he discovers it may not be an accident after all. Shades of Antonioni's Blow Up with Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation in this Chappaquiddick Incident-esque paranoid mystery. But De Palma is in full-tilt stylistic mode, and the film has some great costars including the wonderful Nancy Allen as an informative witness and John Lithgow as a fiendish assassin. This is a restored digital transfer, and includes a new interview with De Palma plus the entire rare 1967 feature, Murder a la Mod, as well as the famous Pauline Kael rave review for the film. 

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