Brian Blomerth: The Church of Crystal Light, Richmond, VA

"The house was built in 1890 and when we moved in, we were worried about ancient dust fucking us up real hard. So we ripped the ceilings out and built all new walls. There was outside wiring that crackheads who had lived here before us ripped out for copper. When we first moved in, my housemate Travis fell through the floor upstairs. One of the planks just collapsed. That same day Travis broke the stairs and fell into the basement. One of the hard things about living here is that we're always borrowing people's showers. Asking friends if you can use their showers is a little bit like buying weed -- you don't know how long you have to hang out before you can ask about it. One time the cops came 'cause we had a show going till three a.m. I was on the mic and pretty drunk, and I was like, 'You gotta be quiet, the cops are outside!' But it was so loud that the cops were like, 'We heard you.' That was pretty dumb."

All pictures from "Ladies Night" at Vermont House, May 23, 2009, Los Angeles.

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