Early this morning, the UK stunned the world with its decision to break away from the European Union. The devastating effects of Brexit, as it's being called, has already had severe repercussions on the global economy and has left the UK in a state of polarized disarray.

And while the devaluation of one of the world's largest economies is disturbing, what's most troubling about these results is that they seem to be rooted in intense misinformation.

It was also a huge decision primarily determined by an older, fearful demographic who will not see most of the longterm damages at full-force. What happened in the UK is the Ghost of Christmas Future for America. Don't underestimate the power of misinformation and fear. We are, after all, a country that reelected George W. Bush and supported the invasion of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 -- and yet, here we are, in our feverdream of populist paranoia. If you are under the age of 30 and believe that women are people, that immigrants are not evil, that gay and trans people are not monsters, that people of color are also people and want your children to have jobs -- vote. Cynicism may be tempting if you feel continually wronged and disappointed --why not just give up and allow the person who used to host The Apprentice have the nuclear codes?But we don't have to be that country -- there's still hope.

Remember, a lot of the "Leave" voters are also xenophobic olds swayed by the rhetoric of budding tyrant/Trump's Narcisscus cumdump twin, Boris Johnson -- who, surprise, is also a frontrunner to replace newly-resigned Prime Minister David Cameron.

So if anything, what happened across the pond is a terrifying reminder that we could very well fall into the same trap with Trump. After all, it's no secret that young people are less likely to vote thanks to a combination of apathy and frustration, but it's telling that the UK still chose to "Leave" by a very slim margin, even despite 75% of voters under 25 voting to "Remain."

A popular media narrative in our current election has been that both candidates are both overwhelmingly disliked by their own parties, but it's so important for us to still vote so that our collective livelihoods don't have to take a nosedive.

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