NYC club king Brenmar already blessed us earlier this year with his excellent, ass-shaking Award EP -- four tracks of superb "stripper music" that really resonated with our inner turn-up seekers. And while things were pretty quiet for him over the summer, we're happy to present a whole new pack of EP remixes that elevate the already-amazing original tracks to mega-venue heights. Because somehow, these flips are even more clubtastic than the originals, with everything from trappy takes of "Don't Want It" to a steezified, a Jersey Club-leaning cut of "Award" to a deep house flip of the vibrant, whirly-gigged "Hula Hoop." We advise pairing it with bottle service and some Marquee-sized speakers for maximum effect.

Listen to the reworks below, and move that ass Brenmar so badly wants ya to shake.

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