Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Mark Hensley

In next month's Lola Versus, Greta Gerwig's character is nearing 30 and in crisis after her boyfriend dumps her just weeks before their wedding. She self-destructively reacts to the sudden rejection by drowning her sorrows in bad-news lovers and malt liquor, but perhaps she'd have fared better if she'd watched these films where the lead characters managed their self-pity a little more constructively.

Mark Zuckerberg
The Social Network (2010)
This film told the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's rise, and revealed that the company began as little more than a scornful, drunken, post-breakup distraction -- shaky evidence that sometimes misery drinking really does pay off.

Monsters Vs. Aliens (2009)
Though the giantess community is not well known for its breakup advice, the newly-single may find inspiration in Monsters Vs. Aliens' Ginormica. Dumped by a weather-man, the Reese Witherspoon-voiced size-shifter overcomes her initial depression in order to save the world from aliens.

Super (2010)
Being dumped often creates pent-up rage, so why not channel that ire into a swinging pipe wrench? In Super, Frank (Rainn Wilson) launches his hyper-violent, wrench-based superhero career after his wife leaves him for Kevin Bacon. Is vigilante bludgeoning the new binge eating?

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