Another Met Gala, come and gone! It's that magical time of year when the most beautiful women on earth battle it out to be included in the same slideshow as Rihanna, and the men are... also there. This year's Met Gala honoree was iconoclast and all around avant garde genius, Rei Kawakubo, the reclusive founder of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market. The prompt was simple: wear red, wear black, wear an outlandish silhouette, deconstruct it, queer your femininity, freak us out. Some of our ladies nailed it, some flew a bit too close to the sun, and like every year, most just ignored the theme completely and turned up in their Caché prom dresses like its the goddamn daytime Emmys. Can't even.

Join us below for a whirlwind recap of fashion's biggest night out where we celebrate, drag, and puzzle over the joint efforts of world class celebs, elite designers and a league of flop sweating stylists.

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